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In celebration of World Tiger Day, Friday 29 July 2016, The Clinton Partnership announced the launch of a new online initiative for Save Wild Tigers – “THE KITTY” – a YouTube channel dedicated to cat videos.

Working with our friends at JOY in Sydney, it’s never been easier to help raise funds for Tigers – Every time you watch a cat video via “The Kitty”, a little bit of money goes towards tiger conservation. (You know you were going to watch them anyway)

Collectively, the world watches cat videos hundreds of millions of times each month on YouTube. Save Wild Tigers is harnessing the internet’s obsession with cats, leveraging the platform provided by YouTube to raise money for tiger conservation through ad views.

Cat videos are the online phenomenon of our time, with over 35 billion views to date and counting. When you put this number beside the number of tigers left in the wild, a mere 3,500, it is an alarming reflection on where our priorities lie.

Enlisting pet cats to help big cats is also a way to involve a younger generation that tends to donate less to charity in traditional ways. Today, people would rather support brands that do good rather than donate their hard-earned dollars toward a cause, small change donations have become near obsolete, so charities need to adapt.

THE KITTY gives content makers—which is pretty much everyone with a smartphone—their own platform to collectively do something that will benefit the planet. If all of the cat video views on YouTube so far had raised money for conservation, we could have raised more than £265 million! That’s enough money, in theory, to save tigers from extinction in the wild.

The funds raised by ad views will support Save Wild Tigers campaigns that help reduce demand for tiger products in countries such as China and Vietnam, undercover investigations into the wildlife trade, and lobbying for better regulations.

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Here's what our clients have to say...


Virginia McKenna, OBE,
Actress and founder
Born Free Foundation

The Clinton partnership has given an enormous amount of marketing support to Born Free’s work keeping animals in the wild. They produced a truly wonderful Christmas TV campaign that was “top of the range”. The team, their approach and their commitment are fantastic and hugely appreciated

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Rob Newell,
Marketing Director
Noble Foods

I’ve always had a clear philosophy when it comes to agencies. They must deliver on two key things: Firstly and most importantly, results. We expect great strategic and creative thinking, with the ability to deliver every time, particularly in terms of ROI. Secondly, relationships. It’s essential for us to build great, long term relationships with our agencies so we can work collaboratively. Our relationship with the Clinton team is instrumental, as they continue to deliver great results for us with their TV work

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Nicola Shaw,
High Speed 1 Ltd.

The Clinton partnership has worked with us on three very different projects in the course of less than a year: a five year “stock take” on our positioning; a customer service proposition agreed and supported across the supply chain; and a new sub brand for St. Pancras International Station. I have no doubt that we’ll work on further projects together too. Why? Quality; responsiveness; creativity

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Dale Burnett,
Managing Director
Noble Foods

The launch of the happy egg co. was a real game changer for Noble Foods and the egg category as a whole. The success to date has been outstanding. I`d like to thank the Clinton team for their invaluable contribution to our journey so far and long may this continue

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Evita van Aswegen,
Senior Customer Marketing Manager
Pernod Ricard U.K.

We have been working with the Clinton partnership for 4 years – testament in itself to the high standard of work they continuously deliver. The Clinton partnership is a reliable agency, willing to flex their style to our ways of working and able to respond to tight deadlines – all qualities we highly value and expect from a shopper agency operating in this fast paced environment. They add value through their creative ideas and pro-active behaviour and are a real life saver to me on a regular basis!

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Debbie Banks,
EIA lead campaigner
Tiger range initiative

The Environmental Investigation Agency thanks Simon Clinton and his team for all the fantastic work they are doing to raise the profile of the crisis facing the worlds remaining wild tigers. With only 3,500 left, the clock is ticking. The Clinton partnership is helping in this race against time by supporting global efforts to end the illegal tiger trade.

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